Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Self esteem and why guys love boobies!

I brought up the concept of boobs and self esteem.  Now in todays world we are very big into saying the external appearance does not and should not matter.  But, lets get real...we judge ALL THINGS BY appearace on some level. (Thankfully, everyone has different taste and no matter what you look like there are people who are completely into you.)

Women who strut their stuff, yes we often call them bitch, slut, etc., carry themselves with great attitude.  They hold their heads high, even though people often are looking at their cleavage rather than their eyes.  There is something about a woman who has the confidence to wear a low cut shirt and have her cup runeth over.  If this was not true Victoria's Secret would not be nearly as profitable.   

Confidence in silicon

Have you ever looked at the before and after pictures of people with weight loss or makeovers? In the after pics they usually are beaming and happier looking.Doctor photos of before and after boobs tend to only show the breasts, but frequently there are bikini tan lines present in the after photos.  I honestly believe this is due to an increase in self image.  From what I have been told the largest complaint after surgery is opting to be cautious and wishing to have gone with bigger implants.  There appears to be a greater self image when a woman has larger tits.

Personally, I know that I have always been self conscious of being petite, or small.  I have often felt not as womanly, sexy, or as vivacious as I should/could.  I feel like I do not have that presence that curvier woman have.  It does discourage you when bra shopping directs you to teen bras that so will not fit properly.  The one plus I have had is that I have always been perky. I actually have never really disliked my boobs, I just would prefer to be curvier and less 'girlish'.  I want to be more 'grown up' in the tits department.  

I believe that there is a self esteem issue here, but it is not (from my perspective) what you are probably thinking.  It is not necessarily the lack of esteem with a low self image...it is the opposite.  An attitude of positivity.  What do you think?  I will blog more about this,  but I want to pause...

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

No, this is not for a guy!

I am amazed by comments, even from friends whom I have known for a very long time, who assume that I am doing this to impress and please my husband.  Are they insane?  Why in the world would I do that one?  (I am not that nice of a person to change my body to impress someone else. Ask him, he will tell you that I am not an accommodating person) 

To have a surgery that alters your body HAS to be a decision for yourself.  Nobody else is going to be changed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  They are not going to be carrying my new boobs around with them.  I understand that some people may have a boob job to impress others, but that is something I am actually against. 

Yes, I do want my husband to like the way I look, which he tells me anyways without new tits, but I want to really like the way they look when I look at myself.  It is about self image and confidence.  That is what is sexy, not the size of your tits, but how you carry them.  I am sexy with or without them....I just have decided to be sexy with them on a permanent basis. 

No Doubts and Honesty

I would have assumed at this point I would have doubts and perhaps question the decision to have elective surgery, especially one that is often considered to be vain, slutty, and frivalous.  Honestly, I have not once questioned myself or thought I should not do this.

What do you think? If you have had a boob job or know someone who has have you questioned? If not so you think you would? (yes, I am attempting to get feedback. )

New tits consult

Every set of fake boobs has a doctors consult.  It is pretty cut and dry.  You make an appointment (not a lot of money and the cost can be applied towards the surgery if you choose to go ahead with it).  Talking about size and expectations of what you want and a visual exam of my current boobs is what follows.  I must state that even after two kids and gravity I do not need a lift.  Hooray!  (Like I said my tits don't suck as they are).  Many women have lifts with the implants.  You also can try on various sized implants to get a general idea of how they would look on you.  Lots of fun.  It is only a general idea as you cannot get the full effect of cleavage and appearance with your bra stuffed with a silicon implant.  At this point I scheduled my surgery and made appointment two...the pre-op.

At this appointment I brought photos, google searches of before and after implants.  I find this important as to state a desired cup size can be a bit obscure.  As any girl knows size changes with manufacturer and bra style.  It does offer a general idea.  I am going for a full C to a D cup.  My 32 band size will not really change as implants domnot increase the basic chest measurement, just amount of breast tissue.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Great Tits at any Age

Okay. I have to ramble a bit as I am irritated by the 'haters' and 'negativity' of some people.  (They all need to go get some flip flops on and mellow out!)  I am 43 and it seems as if some people expect me to act accordingly and think diminished looks are just a natural part of aging.  Well....not entirely.  No, I am not 25 and will never look like a 25 year old again, but sexiness is not reserved for the young.  Women can be 'hot' throughout their lives.  Okay, yes I will have much younger looking tits as they will be teenage perky as I am pushing them up and out. We have the ability to do this so why not take advantage?  I do not think we need to accept all the natural aging processes, we have the ability and technology to remedy things.  Embrace it and take advantage! 

I am small, I eat (mostly) healthy, I exercise, and I look damn good!  Not just for someone my age, but for any age.  No matter what I eat or how much I exercise my boobs are small and lacking in the fullness of days past.  So I am putting that back, surgery is the only way to achieve this. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND someone saying 'well you are in your forties so what is the point?'  Seriously?  Life is great in my forties and I sure am not resigning myself to old age status.  I know a woman in her eighties who has a lot more life in her than a lot of people in their thirties.  She is a sexy, beautiful, hula hooping, belly dancing Diva!  (No one would ever guess her age).  I plan on growing up to be like her.  She is one of my biggest cheer leaders in getting a boob job and believes you embrace life.

Putting your body into an image you want is a form of embracing life.  It is not trying to go back in time to recapture. It is not to make me a different person. It is to move forward and to make my outside the way I want to see it, the way I can envision myself.  

boobie options

It amazes me the amount of options available.  Homework is required, or at least possible, to get new boobs.  There are two primary types of implants, saline and silicon.  Both have their pros and cons.  To avoid boredom with the facts (which I do recommend looking into if you are in the market for boobies shopping) I will tell you basics of what I am choosing and why.  Silicon implants.  The reason why is because they generally feel more natural and from what the gossip grapevine tells me saline is heavy and feels like water balloons.  I am also choosing round implants, rather than tear drop shaped, and a classic profile.  Round allows for the breast to fall more naturally according to body position.  If I am standing on my head they will fall up along with gravity, a teardrop will remain in the shape that the boob naturally falls in when standing upright.  (A bit awkward when standing on your head.)  They round also comes in different profiles.  High, moderate, and classic.  This is pretty much how the boob projects forward.  I am going with classic.  (Doc preference.)  I think this allows for the boob to be more natural as well and can be pushed up, over, and out according to my bra and clothes.  I also am getting fairly large implants so they will project regardless. There are more options such as where the incision is and over or under placement...but I will talk about that later.